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Could a seatbelt save my life?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2021 | Personal Injury

Seat belts have been in vehicles for decades. Many vehicles have alarms that will sound if you fail to put one on when you get into your vehicle. However, many people still are hesitant to wear them.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, seat belts save lives and wearing one is something you should always do when you get into a vehicle no matter where you sit or how long you will be traveling.

Works with the airbag

One misunderstanding people commonly have about vehicle safety is airbags offer enough protection alone. The truth is an airbag has a design to work in conjunction with a seat belt. If you are not wearing your belt, the airbag could actually cause you more harm than good because you will slam into it as it inflates.

Keeps you in the vehicle

One of the biggest benefits of a seat belt is it will help keep you in the vehicle during an accident. People who eject from the vehicle are more likely to suffer more serious injuries in many types of accidents. The seat belt will lock you in place and allow you to stay within the protection of the vehicle.

Wearing a seat belt will reduce your chances of dying in an accident by 45% if you are a front-seat passenger in a car and 60% if you are in a truck. It also will help reduce your chances of a serious injury by up to 65%. Putting one on is very simple. If you find it uncomfortable, you should adjust it. Most new vehicles have adjustable belts to ensure it feels nice to wear them.

A seat belt can save your life in an accident, so make sure to always buckle up.