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Does back to school mean more auto accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Personal Injury

Traffic increases at the start of every new school year. With the influx of vehicles on the road at peak times, crashes are more likely to occur.

Aside from the volume of traffic, the times of day and other factors may play a part in the increased risk of accidents. Discover some of the reasons behind this uptick in collisions once the kids go back to school.

Construction zones

Roadwork that the local entity did not finish over the summer months may now prove hazardous along the school route. Lane closures during start and end times may cause traffic to jam and increase and patience to fail. Drivers who are in a hurry and come across roadblocks may make poor decisions, such as driving on shoulders or ignoring merge signs until the last minute. This may cause accidents as vehicles force their way into clogged lanes. Construction debris may also pose a danger to vehicles, especially when a school bus comes along and kicks it up.

Teen drivers

Every year a set of new drivers hits the roadways. Teen drivers increase the chances of crashes for many reasons. They are more likely to speed and lose control. The rate of distracted driving accidents involving teens continues to climb. Finally, overall immaturity and inexperience may increase the likelihood that a teen driver may make poor decisions on the way to or from school.

A car accident may cause damage to the body that takes time to heal. Taking extra precautions before setting out on the road may increase your chances of an accident-free trip.