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Strategies auto insurers use to make lowball offers

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Personal Injury

When an Indiana car wreck leaves you with medical bills or other expenses or hardships, you may turn to your automotive insurance provider to pay your claim and cover the costs relating to the crash. However, you may be remiss to accept the first offer your insurance company makes you. Insurance companies are for-profit companies, meaning their main concern is typically turning a profit.

Per the National Law Review, insurance companies turn more of a profit when they pay you as little as possible in response to your claim. If your insurer feels as if there is no way it might be able to deny your claim completely, it may use certain strategies to reduce how much it must give you. More specifically, know that your insurance company may try to do the following.

Question whether you were at least somewhat at fault

Your insurance company may suggest or imply that you were at least partly to blame for the crash and the injuries you suffered in it. It may be especially likely to suggest this if you deny its initial offer, thinking that, by questioning your degree of liability, you may start believing its initial offer was a good one after all.

Question your injuries and the medical care you received

Your auto insurer may also raise questions about whether your injuries might have been preexisting. It may, too, question the medical treatments you underwent after the crash and suggest that they may not have been necessary.

Accepting your insurance company’s first offer often places you at a disadvantage, because you have little recourse available after doing so.