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What are the common types of crashes?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Personal Injury

Car accidents can happen in many ways. However, some types of collisions are more common than others.

According to Travelers, there are common car accident scenarios that you want to watch out for and take steps to avoid if possible.

Single-vehicle accidents

Crashes that involve only one vehicle are quite common. Generally, such accidents are a result of something you as the driver do wrong. You may lose control due to bad road conditions or fall asleep at the wheel. In any case, you hold all the liability if anything you caused the accident. Sometimes, there may be a situation where something else led to the crash, such as an animal on the road or a fallen tree branch, which could absolve you of some liability.

Rear-end collisions

There is a misconception that the person who runs into the back of another vehicle is always at fault. There are some situations when the car that got hit is liable. However, ensuring you always travel at a safe distance can help minimize this type of crash.

Backing accidents

Backing up your vehicle is always somewhat hazardous because it is more difficult to see as you move. Generally, these types of crashes are at a very low speed. Though injuries are usually minimal, damage can be costly, so taking care when reversing is advisable.

Intersection crashes

Intersections are one of the most hazardous areas on the road. You oftentimes have to move into the other lane or cross traffic, which increases the chances of a wreck. Obey traffic signals and ensure there is a clear path before turning.

Though these are the most common causes of accidents, collisions can happen in other ways. Following the rules of the road and avoiding distractions such as texting can help to ensure you get to your destination safely.