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How can a driver speeding influence your safety?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Personal Injury

As you pass people and merge onto other lanes on the road, you may see drivers around you speeding.

The dangers of someone else ignoring the speed limit may not seem obvious at first. This kind of rule-breaking is more than just an annoyance since someone going over the speed limit can bring serious harm to you and other people.

Loss of control

According to the United States Department of Transportation, a person losing control of their vehicle may fail to turn or brake in time to avoid a collision. This can happen when they do not grip the wheel properly or they do not react at the right time.

No matter what kind of accident it is, speeding can increase the chances of a driver losing control. This happens because people who speed take less time to look around and avoid oncoming traffic.

More severe injuries

If someone is traveling over the speed limit, they typically hit a pedestrian or another vehicle with a greater impact than they would if it were traveling at the correct speed. This means you may suffer from more severe injuries if someone who is breaking the speed limit crashes into your vehicle.

Less time to react

In only a few seconds, a person could go from tailgating a car to ramming their vehicle into the back of it. The harder the impact, the more likely you may have spinal cord or brain trauma if you are in the other car.

When someone is too busy dodging other cars or trying to speed ahead of people to stop in time, there can be serious consequences for people around them.