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What are the effects of frontal lobe injury?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2022 | Personal Injury

Injuries to any area of the brain can create major trouble for anyone. Injuries to different parts of the brain can create specific troubles and effects that a person may face.

This holds true for injuries to the frontal lobe, too. How exactly do frontal lobe injuries manifest and impact people in the first place?

What is the frontal lobe?

As Physiopedia states, frontal lobe injuries affect several clusters of important parts of the brain found at its front. This includes the motor, premotor and supplementary motor cortexes, the prefrontal cortex, the frontal eye fields and Broca’s Area.

Together, these cortexes and areas combine to handle quite a few parts of a person’s health and wellness. It controls executive function, voluntary movement of muscles, speech and eye, memory, sensorimotor integration, procedural memory, impulse control, concentration and more.

The impact of injury

The effects thus tie to these specific aspects, too. For example, loved ones of victims often report that the victim seems more aggressive and easier to agitate than before. They could lash out at loved ones even if this is uncharacteristic due to their lowered impulse control, too.

Beyond that, memory changes make up a big part of how victims parse the world, too. Many have to make permanent alterations to their daily lives in an attempt to function with a dysfunctional memory, and this can lead to emotional frustrations.

Between all of the physical, behavioral, mental and emotional changes that a person goes through, it is no wonder that frontal lobe injuries create such a traumatic situation for victims. It is important to understand these effects to better understand how to help make the lives of these victims easier.