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How might vehicle technology lead to an accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

As technology advances, vehicles begin to include more innovations. But these fancy tools could also be distracting and lead to car accidents.

The American Psychological Association notes that technology in vehicles could lead to drivers not fully concentrating when behind the wheel. People need to consider these things just as bad as using a cell phone when driving.

Usage time

Manufacturers intend for the use of many of the new tech features in vehicles to occur prior to driving with no interaction needed while on the move. But some drivers will fiddle with controls and other aspects of the programs even when they are driving. This risky behavior may increase the chances of an accident. When a manufacturer installs special programming to prevent use while the vehicle is moving, it can help avoid this issue.

Distracting tech

Some of the tools installed in higher-tech vehicles are by design distracting. Having to consult with a device during a drive is not helpful and could lead to issues. Furthermore, internet access may seem helpful, but it can allow for distractions that take concentration away from the task at hand. Some people misuse these features, which is a perfect recipe for dangerous driving.

Researchers have looked into concentration and driving. They have discovered that people are easily distracted, so any type of technology in a vehicle can lead to problems. Users should be clear on how to use the programs and devices, and manufacturers need to design them to be as limited as possible to avoid taking the driver’s attention off the road.