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What are crush injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

When people think of crush injuries, they likely think of workers who spend time in industrial fields like construction or mass production.

However, crush injuries can happen to anyone. The cause may come from a mechanical source, or it may even come from nature. Many of these causes are ones that people run into in their daily lives.

Crush injuries in construction

Medline Plus discusses crush injuries. In short, a crush injury by definition involves damage to the body due to a larger and/or heavier object bearing down on it.

Most people associate these injuries with fields of construction or industrial jobs because many of these jobs involve large and heavy objects and equipment.

True enough, a large number of crush injuries do happen in these fields. For example, someone could get a hand crushed by placing it on a conveyor belt part accidentally. Someone could run over a co-worker’s foot with a truck. It is even possible to end up trapped under a collapsed scaffolding.

How else do these injuries happen?

However, people in regular jobs can also face the possibility of a crush injury. Natural disasters cause crush injuries often, due to the collapse of buildings or other large structures onto individuals.

Car crashes also result in crush injuries, and is one of the most common ways that an average person outside of the field of construction may end up suffering through this sort of damage.

All crush injuries are serious and should get immediate medical treatment from a professional who understands crush injuries. This is the best way to limit the chance of complications like sepsis, amputation or even the possibility of death.