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Reasons car accidents are more common during the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2022 | Personal Injury

Negligent driving causing injury always triggers upset, no matter the time of year. That said, wrecks are more common around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Many reasons explain this phenomenon. Awareness of the whys reminds one to drive defensively throughout the holiday season.


There is a sizable uptick in alcohol consumption when the holidays roll around. Office parties and neighborhood gatherings act as preludes to the big days. Adult beverages are a common feature of these get-togethers. Many use the opportunity to go overboard. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 30% of traffic crash fatalities are the fault of drunk drivers. Regardless, some revelers still choose to hit the road while intoxicated.


Family visits create added pressure onto already over-scheduled lives. Beating other shoppers to the punch for a hot toy or the last turkey are two scenarios that fray nerves. Dealing with traffic delays due to more people being out and about is another. These and other factors ratchet up tensions. When frustration with other drivers climbs, it increases road rage. Driving with high emotions boosts the odds of mishaps.


With so much to do ahead of guests arriving, some put responsibilities onto the back burner. Vehicle repairs drop to the bottom of to-do lists. The danger increases with the prevalence of rides needing new brakes or wheels. Peril further intensifies with the presence of snowfall or freezing rain.

It remains a cold, hard fact that the number of accidents rises around the holidays. Everyone ought to exercise extra caution during these joyous months.