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What are the dangers of driving at nighttime?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Personal Injury

Dealing with aggressive or unsafe drivers can make you feel stressed, especially when you are at risk for head trauma or spinal cord injuries after an accident.

When the amount of light outside gets low, there are specific issues that drivers face.

Impaired sight into the distance

According to the National Safety Council, people with weak eyesight or anyone who struggles to see far into the distance may have trouble after the sun goes down or when drivers travel later at night. Cars that come around a corner suddenly can catch a person off-guard if they are not prepared for how different they look at night.

People who are older can also have weaker eyesight and slower reactions to dangers on the road in front of them.

Various dangerous distractions

Dirty windshields and broken headlights can make it harder for those in cars to navigate new roads or areas with many turns at night. A lack of proper lighting from cars around them may reduce visibility, especially when on a highway where cars need to merge or change lanes.

Bright flashes of lights

While driving along, a person may encounter cars coming the opposite way that suddenly flash their headlights and temporarily blind them. This is not an issue in the daytime, but at night it can cause a driver to swerve or stop without warning if they lose control of the wheel.

Learning more about the ways drivers struggle to make safe choices at night can help you if you are in an accident.