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Tips for driving in adverse weather

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

Adverse weather conditions increase the likelihood of accidents. Whether it is wet or slippery roads or high winds, bad weather makes it difficult to control your vehicle.

There are some tried and true things you can do when adverse weather occurs and you are on the roadway.

The number one rule of speed

The single best way to drive safer in adverse weather is to slow down. You do not have to go the posted speed limit if it is not safe to do so. You should only drive as fast as you safely can while maintaining complete control over your vehicle. If you feel your car sliding or feel like you are fighting to stay on the road, you are going too fast. It does not matter the type of roadway you are on. Officers will not hassle you for going slowly if the weather is bad. They actually prefer it because it is likely to help keep you out of the ditch.

The next most important task

The other thing you must do is eliminate all distractions. Make sure you can completely focus on the road. If you have to, turn off the radio, silence your phone and only focus on driving. You will need the increased reaction time to respond to the weather conditions and other things happening on the road.

The last piece of advice

The final note to make about driving in adverse weather conditions is that you should be careful with braking. It is important to avoid slamming the brakes on slippery roads. If it is windy, realize that you may need to brake harder earlier if the wind is working against you.

Driving more carefully in adverse weather is imperative to stay safe. You can take these steps to do your part to avoid accidents.