Every court has a separate judge and its own manner of conducting court. Furthermore, every county has local rules that have been implemented by the judges within that county. Familiarity with the judges and rules of the county trying your case can make a huge difference in the strategy of handling your personal injury case.

Almost all personal injury cases that get filed in court and cases that are tried are in front of a jury. When trying a case, a jury pool is selected. This six-person jury will be selected by the attorneys and will ultimately decide the verdict of your case. The jury pool is always selected from the residents of the county in which the case was filed and will be eventually tried. It is important to have an attorney representing you on your personal injury case that is known throughout the community and has relationships with various people within the community who are potential jurors. When the jurors are deliberating, the credibility of you as the person who was injured, as well as the attorney handling your case, can make a difference.

Today, out-of-town law firms are putting small, satellite offices all over the state and spending big-dollar advertising budgets to attract personal injury cases that occur statewide. The problem with that is they do not have familiarity with local courts, and they do not have familiarity with prospective jurors. Additionally, most of these firms do not have an attorney who is present on a regular basis at the satellite offices.

At Modesitt Law Firm, P.C., I, as well as my sons, Jared and Joel Modesitt, have resided in Vigo County and the Wabash Valley our entire lives. We live here, and we have established relationships with all the local courts and the residents of our community. We have regular, daily office business hours and are available when you need us. If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact the Modesitt Law Firm immediately, and let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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