Everyone talks about them, but why does everyone wait so long to get them?

  • Our office can draft these documents quickly and it affords you and your family immense relief. Everyone has loved ones that fall ill, but in those times you should have your life prepared. Being equipped with these documents allows you to relieve your family from guilt, avoid fighting, and dictate who will receive your hard-earned money and sentimental family items.
  • A Will allows you to dictate how your finances and personal belongings are transferred according to your wishes. If you don’t have a Will, your loved ones may not get the things that you wish. If there is no Will, your personal items and finances are determined by the State of Indiana, and nobody wants the government involved in dispensing their estate.
  • Powers of Attorney (POA) allow you to dictate who makes decisions in the event you fall ill and are unable to make those decisions. You can have separate Medical POAs and Financial POAs. Having a POA allows you to minimalize family fighting because you have determined who shall make decisions. Too many times people have failed to execute a POA and this has led to financial ruin, family discontent, and even family breaks due to family members not being able to agree on what measures to take for you.  
  • Living Will – This one is relatively simple. We add information on how YOU want to receive medical services in the event you will not have any further quality of life. Do you want to receive resuscitation, be artificially kept alive, receive antibiotics, water, and nutrition? All these decisions are yours personally. You can elect them and provide your family with the comfort that you have already decided for yourself. This also avoids any inter-family fighting on how they should proceed. It should be noted that these considerations only come into effect when two doctors determine that you will not have any quality of life. (i.e. in a vegetative state.)
  • Drafting a Will, Power of Attorney, and Living Will are relatively inexpensive and are worth their weight in Gold. No one wants to see their family fighting when they are ill. Make it as easy on you and your family as you can.
  • Do it sooner rather than later! We don’t know what the future holds.

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