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Be Prepared for the Unexpected
with Estate Planning

Finding affordable estate planning, settlement and litigation services has never been easier when you turn to the attorneys from Modesitt Law Firm. No matter your age, income level or family relationship, our team of compassionate and experienced attorneys is standing by to assist families and individuals in the Terre Haute, Vigo County, Sullivan County, Clay County, Vermillion County and central Indiana.

What is an Estate?

In the eyes of the law, everyone has a net worth, which is commonly referred to as an estate. This includes your bank accounts, your home, your car and any smaller assets you have in your name. If you have any copyrights, trademarks or businesses in your name, these are also included in your estate. However, anything you owe is additionally considered a part of your estate, such as your mortgage and any debts.

Having a plan for your estate and covering any debts is essential if you want to leave anything for your beneficiaries after your are gone. Our team of estate planning attorneys at Modesitt Law Firm can help prepare your estate and ensure your plan is in writing before the unexpected occurs. We will even draw up your will, and you can make changes at any time.

Practice Areas

Modesitt Law Firm’s experienced attorneys can assist you with the legal documents needed and will guide you through every decision concerning your estate. Call our office in Terre Haute at 812-234-3030. 

Who needs Estate Planning?

Everyone can benefit from estate planning. If you are single with no children or family, estate planning allows you to determine your final wishes. If you have a family and suddenly become disabled or die, your plan will be implemented by your estate planning attorneys.

Preparing for the unexpected is just part of life, and we strongly encourage everyone to establish a plan in the event of being unable to care for themselves or their family. Whether it is due to a disability or death, preplanning how your estate is to be distributed will ensure your family is taken care of and assets are handled correctly.

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