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Are you Considering Divorce?
We can help!

When a couple decides to split, there are a myriad of decisions that must be made. During this emotional time, it is important to have an attorney you can count on. Modesitt Law Firm, PC, has over 50 years of combined experience. We have worked with clients throughout Indiana who needed help moving in the right direction. Our job is to address your concerns and help you make smart choices about the future.

We are Here for you from the Beginning to the End

In Indiana, it can take 60 days for your divorce to be complete. However, there are many other factors that can change this timeline. From splitting your assets to making arrangements for your children, there are many moving parts. We take a compassionate approach and handle these situations with care. We understand how you want to get things moving. We aim to resolve these issues correctly and quickly.

Whether it is negotiating on your behalf, we are here for you. For example, one of the biggest questions we face when navigating family disputes is deciding who will get the house. Of course, if one person wants to leave it to the other person, they can. When that doesn’t happen, we must prove why it is belongs to you. Maybe you bought it with your own money, in which case it is considered separate property and is legally yours. No matter what your situation is, we will do everything we can to advocate on your behalf.

Practice Areas

As a family-owned firm, we know how difficult a legal dispute can be. Proper representation during a divorce is crucial. Even if you and your spouse are on relatively good terms, it’s important to have someone who is looking out for your best interests. To schedule a consultation, call our office in Terre Haute at 812-234-3030 today. 

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